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At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Crofton, we understand that mold is dangerous to your health, so we utilize the proper equipment and cleaning agents to eliminate it. As soon as you notice an unusual smell or discoloration in a particular room of your house, we can help you identify the source. We can also help you clean up any items that may have been affected by the mold. We provide mold remediation services in Crofton, MD and we will know right away what caused the mold growth and how best to treat it.

Why Hire a Professional for Mold Remediation?

Hiring a professional mold removal company is the best solution. If the mold is in an area less than 10 square feet, an individual may consider removing it themself. Wearing personal protective equipment (goggles, gloves, and respirator) is mandatory while doing so. However the US EPA recommends that if the area is any larger, you really should hire a professional service to handle it for you.

It is possible to detect and remove black mold using a variety of DIY methods, but they are not always the best ones. When you attempt to remove mold on your own, be aware that doing so improperly may worsen the problem and put the health of you and your family at risk. So, if you want it removed safely, you should hire professional mold removal services.

The professional mold removal service does more than just remove mold. When you hire a mold removal specialist, you'll receive multiple tips on preventing future mold problems and how to ensure safe and proper ventilation. Mold remediation specialists can assist you in identifying the problem areas and properly educating you as to how to prevent them from recurring.

What is the Mold Remediation Process?

Do you know how mold remediation works? Essentially, it is extremely thorough cleaning on a microscopic scale. Parts of walls, floors, or structures may have to be removed during the cleaning process. For this reason, you should hire a licensed mold remediation company.

Mold remediation steps include:

  1. Mold Inspection & Testing - Detailed mold inspections, moisture surveys, and mold air quality tests are the first steps in mold remediation. It includes determining the source of moisture, assessing the impact, and planning preventative maintenance. Several methods are available for mold testing. Which method should be used depends on the degree of mold infestation.
  2. Mold Removal & Remediation - The contaminated area will not grow new mold spores if the water in the area has been removed, and all doors and windows between the contaminated area and any other part of the house are closed. All damp or mold-damaged porous materials will then be removed by the professionals. Before disposing of wet or moldy materials, they should be double-bagged and tied shut in plastic bags.
  3. Preventing Treatment (Disinfection) - Moldy surfaces and nonporous materials are cleaned. Mold is removed from all surfaces and then wiped clean with disposable wipes. The professionals wet a cloth, apply detergent solution to moldy surfaces and scrub until all mold is gone.
  4. Final Mold Cleanup - When the spores have been removed, vacuum them up and wipe the surfaces with a wet cloth to remove them. Once the surfaces have been cleaned, dry them to remove any moisture left behind. You can speed up the drying process by using fans, dehumidifiers, or higher temperatures. Finally, you should renovate the walls, ceilings, and flooring.
Carpet & Upholstery Protectors Mold Remediation in Crofton

Why Choose Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Crofton?

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Crofton is here to assist you with all your cleaning needs. We have the most advanced equipment, state-of-the-art cleaning technology, and professional staff that can help you deal with any problem that you might have with mold remediation and carpet cleaning services. With us, you'll get an affordable service that meets your every need, as we guarantee all our work while using cutting-edge tools and equipment. Just call us today at 443-302-9033!

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